Hosted PBX Solutions

HIP (Hosted IP PBX) delivers a full suite of voice features and centralised routing, switching and PBX intelligence, from the handset to termination point over Internet Solutions’ MPLS network. This enables you to replace existing PBX infrastructure with a fully managed, cloud-based IP PBX solution delivered from the VoIS platform.

HIP Benefits:

Reduce capex requirements by negating expensive on-site PBX equipment

No dedicated support staff required as IS manages, maintains and supports the solution remotely

Creates a single user group to save on call costs

Highly flexible to fit your business needs

Reduce opex as you only pay for what you use on a per-extension per-month basis

Simplify office operations by converging voice, video and data onto one line

Fully redundant as all routing and PBX intelligence is hosted in the cloud, ensuring business continuity Scale users and handsets on demand