HP Hospital Solutions

Powering the needs of healthcare organizations and enabling better patient

experiences safely, serley, and efficiently.

Support your safety standards

Be ready for the next patient or user with devices that can be disinfected using medical grade wipes and are EMC copliant enabling you to use them safely in healthcare facilities.

Help keep data and devices secure

Ensure patient data and devices are protected with HP's security suite, Bios-level protection, multi-factor authentication and device lockdown options.

Accoplish tasks with flexibile configurations

Deploy technology where you need it, with a range of mobile and fixed devices offering long lifecycles, powerful processors and connnectivity options.

Use Cases

HP Engage devices have many applications within healthcare, where technology is relied upon by both medical staff and patients.

Clinical setting - bedside and office visits

From onsite to telemedicine, clinicians need technology at their fingertips as they interact with patients. HP Engage fixed devices can be mounted to a wall or on a cart for bedside consultation. The mobile tablets can be carried from room to room.

Administration and patient data management

Whether at the nurses’ station in a hospital or the reception area of a clinic, HP Engage devices can be safely and securely used to view and edit patient charts, manage patient intake, process payments and insurance claims, and conduct clinician consultations.

Pharmacy – point of sale and back office

Pharmacy workflows include dispensing prescriptions, processing customer transactions and insurance claims, and managing inventory and other back-office tasks. HP Engage solutions are available in a range of form factors and configurations to accommodate pharmacy needs.

Ambulance – mobile

Ambulance crews need to securely capture sensitive patient information on-the-go and under challenging conditions. HP Engage Go tablets are lightweight and ruggedized with long battery life, helping these professionals deliver life-saving services when and where it’s needed.

Deliver better patient experiences with devices built to withstand the demands of healthcare environments. From managing patient data and handling insurance claims to organizing staff schedules, the HP Engage long lifecycle products rise to the challenge with an exceptional level of safety, security, and performance.

Disinfectable and Meets EMC Standards

For patient and staff safety, HP Engage devices can be disinfected up to 10,000 times with medical-grade wipes and are certified to meet EN/IEC 60601-1-2 standards to prevent electromagnetic interference with other devices.

The Power You Need

Future-proof your investment with powerful computing options, including modern processors and components capable of working with a variety of software and devices to support future use cases such as Virtual Reality (VR) for assisted surgeries and interactive staff training.

Long Lifecycle

To increase consistency and reduce operating validation and service costs, HP Engage products carry up to a 10-year manufacturing and service lifecycle and offer OS versions with stable feature sets and extended lifecycles (i.e., Windows LTSC).

Rugged and Reliable

Fast-paced, 24/7 environments call for rugged construction and high-quality components. HP Engage products undergo over 100,000 hours of testing through the HP Total Test Process and include a 3-year, next-business-day on-site warranty.

High Security

Safeguard sensitive patient data and avoid costly breaches with a leader in data and computer security through HP’s proprietary BIOS and a set of tools that provide layers of protection below, in, and above the OS to proactively prevent threats and quickly recover in the event of a breach.

Flexible Sizes, Placement, and Connectivity

Technology requirements are not one-size-fits-all and different uses drive different needs for form factor, connectivity, and compatibility. HP Engage devices offer multiple configurations with a wide range of connectivity options for peripherals and accessories, as well as a variety of placement and mounting options.

HP Engage One Pro

HP Engage One Pro all-in-one cobines computing and touchscreen in a slim but rugged device. Its stylish design is offered in three screen sizes and can be mounted to walls, poles, carts, or a counter.

HP offers a range of processors, operating systems, advanced hubs and screen sizes to choose from.

HP Engage Go

HP Engage Go is a ruggedized tablet with an integrated hand-strap and optional barcode scanner. The slim tablet can be securely docked to an optional base and undocked by authorized staff only.

HP Engage Flex Pro \Pro-C

HP Engage modular devices offer maximum performance and reliability and are available in compact sizes that can be hidden from view. A wide range of connectivity enables attachment of peripherals, devices, and displays.


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