Simply IT and Accounting Solutions Managed Networks (MPLS)

Do you need a high-quality secure private network?

Your business faces the dual challenge of connecting all your offices to your company network, while securing this connectivity so that your network isn’t compromised.

You need to be able to securely connect your different branches, and allow your employees to access the information stored on your network in order to perform the work they need to do when travelling, visiting customers or from home.

A secure, private managed network is the best solution to this

Our MPLS Services are the Best

MPLS is now a global standard for enabling and managing private networks on a shared infrastructure.

It offers better reliability, rerouting and redundancy, and the ability to differentiate between different types of company information in order to prioritise critical information.

It also allows your business to embrace convergence by supporting voice and video. MPLS will most likely replace all remaining legacy systems such as ATM and Frame Relay in the coming years.

Our range of MPLS Services is also bundled with a number of unique value added services specifically designed to meet your growing and complex business requirements.They allow you to take advantage of all the different communication methods that can be used over a network - like voice, video and unified communications tools. High Quality of Service ensures that they get the network priority they need to operate properly.